Almost Done With <I>The Baker’s Wife</I> Re-read

Christmas is coming all too fast for me. The days are filling up with a list of To-do’s that have nothing to do with writing or publishing. But I’m still chipping away at my current goal. And I’m very glad I am. Lots of little plot points are being brought back to mind and that’s getting me excited about writing the rest of the series.

I also have a definite list of tweaks I’m going to make in TBW before Christmas. I’ll upload that, then focus on the sequel.

I’m also considering doing a pre-order for the sequel, so that everyone who wants a copy will know for sure they’re going to get one.

It’ll be a new experience for me and I may not end up doing it. We’ll see.

I hope your holidays are going well. Be safe and have fun. 🙂



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