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Loki, Son of Laufey, a story I wrote a long time ago about Loki and Sigyn, is now available at all major retailers!

Loki Son of Laufey Cover

Sigyn, young and shy, has no place among the gods of Asgard. She can’t even bring herself to look them in the eye. Until Loki arrives. Soon, everything she’s known has been turned upside-down, including her heart. Fighting against her growing need to be close to him, she inadvertently becomes his friend, even as the changes in Asgard take a darker turn. Before long, she finds she must choose between obedience and rebellion, between order and war, between illusion and a love that will change her world forever.

Coming Soon!

The Castle in the Story

In a war-torn land once ruled by powerful families, a cynical thief must survive the plans of an evil sorcerer-king, helped by a mysterious elf with his own secrets.

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