Revision Progress: 8/14/22

The write-in is finished.

The write-in is finished!

I am so incredibly happy right now, I can hardly type.

I’ve already set up the type-in document and figured out the next editing steps. Adding the changes shouldn’t take nearly as long as writing them, but I haven’t done a revision this extensive in a long time. I’m not sure how long it will take.

I’ll keep you posted. And hopefully find time to write about more interesting things on this blog. Like bits of research, etc.

Thank you for reading!

Quick Progress Update – 8/6/22

I have finally reached the point where I think I’m done with all the new scenes. Now, I just have to weave in the previous plot points into the older scenes and I’ll be done with the write-in. Yay!

Reaching that point was wonderful because this time I knew the exact moment I hit it. And once I hit it, even though I thoroughly enjoyed writing every new scene, I felt relief.

I’m almost done.

Looking forward to seeing my progress this next week!

Revision Progress 7-30-22

I’ve been kind of wondering when the scenes I’m currently writing are going to connect to the previous scenes I’ve written. I’m not too concerned, though. I’ve been enjoying writing new scenes that fit the story better than the previous, more mapped out ones. I’m hitting all the plot points I hoped to hit, all the threads are coming together, and I’ve finally gotten my two main characters exactly where I hoped they would be.

And with more panache than what I’d written before.

Not taking credit for it, btw. Zhiv is a natural performer. All I had to do was remember that and he started driving the scene right where it needed to go.

Took a bit to get there, though. Had to rip out words for the same scene three times before I got to anything close to right. My left-side brain kept getting in the way, keeping me from really getting into the perspective of the characters.

Once I fully put myself in their perspective? The scene flowed like water. And with a twist that’s totally Zhiv but completely unexpected to me.

I love writing into the dark!

Quick Update on Revision

Not much time tonight. Just wanted to say that revision continues. And just when I think I’m in a position where I can go back to my original words, nope, can’t. And so another new scene is born.

Not that I’m complaining. I love writing new words and I feel like the scenes I’m writing now have a much deeper POV than what came before. I feel more involved, and I think that’s going to show.


Anyway, still making progress. Hoping to have the write-in done by end of next week or the one after that. We’ll see.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Take care, and see you next week!

Revision Progress; Subbing Stories Again

Revision Progress

Tired tonight, so I’ll be brief. Progress was good this week. More new scenes and more scenes deleted. Should be getting to the end of that soon, though. Most of the plot points I changed in the beginning have been covered. Just a few left, and then we’re into the last bits, which, as of right now, look like they’ll stay as they are.

Which is good. I really love those scenes. They were my favorite to write in the whole dadgum book. 🙂

Subbing Stories

This past week or so, I started sending out short stories and flash fiction again. I’m absolutely fascinated by the changes that have taken place out there, as well as what’s stayed the same.

But that’s another blog post for another time. Just wanted to mention that I’ve started that process again. Hopefully, I’ll have some successes I can announce in the near future.

Progress on Trial of the Ornic #2

The revision is going really well right now. I mean, really well. I’ve cut out so many old scenes and written so many new ones, and it’s finally matching up to the vision in my head but somehow everything got better.

I have completely fallen in love with this story again.

And I swear, I will do my absolute best to avoid ever writing according to a series of beats again. If it means the writing sucks, then the writing sucks.

I’m also having doubts about something I wrote a while back about writing to market. It sounds like a great idea on paper. Maybe it works well for others. But the reality just doesn’t work for me. The books I’ve tried to write to market, even if it’s a genre I love, end up feeling like little marionettes rather than living, breathing Stories.

And when I read them over as prep for revision, I can barely stand it. That’s why none of them have been published yet.

The stories I didn’t try writing to market? Even the worst among them (which was pretty bad) was more enjoyable to read than what I’ve made lately.

So, I think I’m setting that aside, too. For now.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to look for whatever genre fits best with the story, but that will come after the book is written.

Will I make any money with this approach? Maybe. Maybe not. But I think I’ll feel better about any money I do make.

Anyway, the write-in part of the revision is almost at the three-quarter mark. And I think it’s good. Looking forward to sharing it with all of you soon.

Smashwords July Summer / Winter Sale

*pops head out of revision*

Just a quick note: My books are enrolled in the Smashwords July Summer / Winter Sale. It starts tomorrow, July 1st, and continues through July 31st.

Here’s my profile, if you’re interested:

I also highly recommend taking a look around. There’s some really good authors on Smashwords, writing some very good fantasy books, many with romance or a romantic subplot.

Link to the main site:

Thanks for reading!

*dives back into revision*

5 Favorite Fantasy Fathers / Father Figures

Photo by Meritt Thomas on Unsplash

Fathers (heck, parents in general) aren’t given much notice in fantasy literature. If they appear at all, they tend to be…not very good, to put it mildly. But a good father, as I’ve seen in my own family, is priceless to both their sons and daughters. So, I’m going to mention a few good fathers (and father figures!) I’ve found in the fantasy genre.

Arthur Weasley (Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling)

Absent-minded and always interested in what the Muggles do to get along without magic, Arthur Muggle is absolutely adorable. As the series progresses, it becomes clear he also clearly loves his family and is willing to do anything for them. Even, and especially, defend them when war begins between the Death Eaters and those who oppose them.

His sons (two in particular) are seen as troublemakers, but his sons take very much after their father, all of them willing to sacrifice their lives to protect those they love, magical or Muggle.

Ned Stark (Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin)

Let’s be honest here: Ned Stark is an innocent idiot. His sense of honor blinded him to those who had none, because he truly didn’t believe people could be as treacherous as those he found himself surrounded by.

But when it comes to being a dad, Ned is wonderful! His best move? Hiring a sword master to teach his daughter swordplay under the guise of being a dancing master.

Van Hohenheim (Fullmetal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa)

Those who’ve read the manga Fullmetal Alchemist may disagree with me here, but I think Hohenheim is a great example of a dad who made some awful mistakes for very good reasons, and does his best to try to make up for it. He’s devoted to his sons. He tries to protect them (which is why he did what he did in the course of the series). And although he wasn’t there for them at the most tragic point of their lives, he is fully there for them when he returns. And he takes complete responsibility for the mistakes he’s made.

So, yeah. I say he’s a good father.

Bilbo Baggins (Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien)

This one and the next aren’t technically dads, but I think that makes it all the more important to mention them.

Bilbo didn’t have to take in Frodo. He didn’t have to raise him. He didn’t have to care about him. But he did. And he allowed his nephew to dream. He wasn’t perfect, but he did well.

Uncle Iroh (Avatar: The Last Airbender, animated series)

Iroh is amazing. He went from being a callous general to a philosopher who happens to command men after the death of his son in the war. His introspection ended up giving him the resources to help his exiled, hotheaded nephew, Prince Zuko. Because Iroh was there for Zuko in ways that Zuko’s own father wasn’t, he was able to impart wisdom, discipline, and compassion that shows up just when the world needs it. Zuko became the man his people needed because of Iroh.

That’s my list. Any others you’d like to add? Let me know in the comments!

May Faeries

Photo by Josh Porterfield on Unsplash

Outside my window right now, it’s easy to believe fairies live among the flowers. By our porch, deep purple irises bloom in a forest of green blades. Beyond our porch, wildflowers in delicate pinks and yellows sway in the breeze.

It’s easy to believe in magic with this much beauty around me. The trees have a new set of bright green leaves that somehow manage to survive the Texas storms that come through with occasional severity.

Summer’s heat is beginning to make itself known. Here and there. Bits and pieces.

But in the morning, it’s cool, and I can easily see fairies hiding among the green blades, the pink wildflowers, and among the trees, whipped by the wind or not.

I’m reminded once again of how magical this time of year is, and how important it is to remember that magic exists. Always.

Your turn. What is spring like where you are? And what do you love best about it?