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Part one of The Lord’s Tale is now available at all major retailers!

The Lord's Tale (part one) 3

A woman torn between the life she’s left and the one she’s seeking. A minstrel sent to find a forbidden book by a powerful lord in order to save his friends. And in between them are spells meant to destroy them one way or another. Their only hope lies in helping each other.

But will that hope keep them together? Or will they find themselves parting ways, after all?

Krysilla and Zhiv’s story continues in The Lord’s Tale, the second volume in the Trial of the Ornic series.

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 What would you destroy?

Pure humans can’t use magic. Yet Tabitha can not only use it, but has sworn to kill with it, and her easiest target is the renegade dragon, Ru. Far from terrifying him, he’s fascinated by her abilities. But when the shop owned by Ru’s friends, Nicholas and Annie, is attacked, she’s forced to not only get to safety with the very creature she must kill, but to acknowledge that what should be hatred is actually desire. Worse yet, he might feel the same way.

A unique twist on dragon shapeshifters, Lady Fair is the second book in the series, The Will of the Unknown.

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