Clean Sweep by Ilona Andrews

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Dina Demille runs a quiet bed and breakfast in a quiet Texas town. Anyone looking at her wouldn’t believe that the house is magic, her broom can turn into a weapon (among other things), or that she’s an Innkeeper, sworn to protect her guests and anyone who seeks shelter under her roof. When danger threatens her neighborhood, she must team up with her ex-military, alpha-werewolf, extremely handsome neighbor, Sean Evans, and a deceptively polite, honor-bound vampire, Arland, to fight an enemy even their combined strength might not be able to stop.

Book Info

Version Read: Ebook
Publication Date: December 1, 2013
Publisher: NYLA (December 1, 2013)
Language: English
ISBN (Print): 978-1494388584


This book is a lot of fun.

It feels strange, saying that because the book starts off with the effects of a tragic murder and a quiet confrontation between Dina and Sean (who calls her crazy for saying he’s a werewolf). But after that, the dialogue, while never losing its grip on the severity of the stakes, becomes very entertaining, especially between Sean and Dina.

Dina is a strong female character without being particularly sassy or “tough.” I like that. A lot. She’s also very smart and highly accomplished with her magic. Plus, she cares deeply about the surrounding neighborhood and everyone under her care. That came through clear from the first chapter.

Sean was a bit of a puzzlement, at first. But as the story progresses and his backstory unfolds, his actions make a lot of sense.

Arland was the most unique vampire I’ve read in a while. I don’t want to spoil it if you haven’t read the book yet. But him and his planet sealed it for me and this series. I love his sense of honor and his approach to telling the truth. Looking forward to seeing more of him in the near future.

This review wouldn’t be complete without a nod to Beast and Dina’s permanent guest, Caldenia. Beast, Dina’s adorable pet, temporarily took away my annoyance at adorable pets in books, while Caldenia not only made me smile but made me actually want to see her as she was in her younger years.

A series with a younger Caldenia would be worth the time for her alone. But I digress.

There is a romance in this series. In this first book, it’s slow-burn and very sweet. It’s clearly secondary to the main plot, but not by much. I very much look forward to seeing what happens with it in the next book.

The worldbuilding is top-notch with a truly worthy enemy. Good plot twists and an exciting ending made this a favorite read. Highly recommended for those who want action, romance, and an entertaining blend of urban fantasy with science fiction.



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