Thoughts on Writing Non-verbal Communication

I’m pretty busy this week, but I came across this excellent article on Writer Unboxed and thought I’d mention it, along with the importance of it. It was a difficult thing to learn, but vital to my writing: emotions show up in all sorts of ways in your characters.

When Zhiv (Trial of the Ornic) is thinking, he taps his thigh.

When Nicholas (The Will of the Unknown) is hiding the truth from Annie, he becomes very interested in some of the things around his cave.

I’m not perfect at this. It’s sometimes difficult for me to figure out how a normal person would react in a situation, let alone my own character. That’s part of why I bought The Emotion Thesaurus. I’m not a slave to the choices they make, but the lists within it get me thinking about how my own character might show the emotion they’re feeling.

Now, I have the Writer Unboxed article as well.

How about you? Do you like it when a writer does this? As a reader, do you have any favorite books that use these techniques? Or do you feel this technique doesn’t matter? Let me know!



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