Updated the My Books page; storefront links now available; sick

I’m currently down sick, but I wanted to give my readers a heads-up.

If you want to buy “direct” from me (or as close as I can get right now) you can. I’ve updated the My Books and associated pages with links to the books I’m offering through Payhip, a storefront. Payhip allows multiple formats and coupons, so the things I missed most about Smashwords are no longer an issue.

Also, if you use the button on the product page that says “Share and get 75% off,” you…well, yeah. Get 75% off the book.

If you really loved my books and want to support me whilst (and at the same time) getting something for yourself, this is a perfect way to do it.

Thank you for reading.

The good side of being sick that is that I have time to look at what needs to be done and what’s coming up next in production. Here’s a rough idea of what’s in store in the future (fingers crossed):

Winter 2015

Second Flash Fiction Collection

Spring 2016

Third Flash Fiction Collection
The Castle in the Story

Summer 2016

The Curator’s Song (sequel to The Castle in the Story)
The Lord’s Tale, part three! (hoping, hoping, hoping…)

By summer of next year, I should have all my backlogged projects up-to-date and everything back on track. Hopefully.

Now, back to bed so I can get the necessary rest to do this.



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