Do you want a free e-book?

I’m doing an experiment with my book this time around. I have to give total credit to Holly Lisle’s Publishing While Broke course for what I think is a really great idea.

I’m going to try crowdsourcing my copyediting/proofreading for my next novel, a space opera that will be released under a pen name.

Those who help me will receive a free copy of the finished e-book (the version that has all the typos fixed) in either ePub, mobi, or pdf form, as well as credit in the acknowledgments.

Before you sign up, here are a few of the details for this project.

  1. I need those who have a good sense of grammar, spelling, punctuation, and who notice little things like name changes, time problems, and other similar continuity issues.
  2. I only need 6-10 volunteers.
  3. Please be aware that if your request contains any typos, you may not be accepted. I’m sorry.

If you’re interested, please contact me using the link below with “Proofreading Volunteer” in the subject line.

The deadline for this offer is April 29, 2015. More instructions will be given via email to those who are accepted. Thank you.



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