Thoroughly Kissed: a review

Thoroughly Kissed (Fates #2)Thoroughly Kissed by Kristine Grayson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a sweet romance, in spite of what the cover on one of these editions might tell you. It’s a fun, fractured take on Sleeping Beauty and how she might find love in the modern world.

Ella first appeared in the previous volume, Utterly Charming, but the only thing that’s changed is that she’s managed to fit in very well in modern society. She even has a bestselling book and a position at a university as a history professor.

Her new boss, Michael, would rather see her gone. However, when the Fates decide she’s going to get her magic early (on-time in their estimation) he finds himself caught up in a desperate attempt to try to bring her wild magic under control. They end up falling for each other in a very sweet, very passionate way, in spite of Michael’s disbelief regarding magic, and in spite of Ella’s strong refusal to ever be kissed again.

Ella is a strong-minded woman with a bit of a temper. However much she’s integrated into the modern world, there are still some things that fascinate her, and some parts of her upbringing that still cause her problems. That she’s able to do as well as she does makes me smile.
And I loved her final solution to her problem. That was a very nice touch.

Michael and his approach to Ella’s magic were some of the best moments. The times he had trouble believing were great, but I think the times when he tried to analyze her magic were the best. Though he knows he’s only a mortal, he still tries to protect her as best he can. I loved it.

Before moving on to the plot, I want to give some attention to the talking cat, Darnell. He was hilarious in this book, and gave it some of its funniest moments.

Just wanted to say that.

The plot for this book is more solid than the previous one. There’s a stronger emphasis on the romance and more clarity regarding motivations. It also helps that the hero’s thoughts are known pretty early on. It makes him much more sympathetic than Alex from Utterly Charming, though I still think well of that character (this book helps with that). The final resolution of all the elements was logical and very satisfying.

Highly recommended, especially for those who want more romance in their fairy tales.

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