Pandora Hearts, vol. 9: a review

It’s an Echo kind of day.

Pandora Hearts, Vol. 9Pandora Hearts, Vol. 9 by Jun Mochizuki

My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Sorry. Had to get that out.

Okay…on to the review.

First, off, this volume is all about reconnecting to who you really are. Which makes a lot of sense because we started off this volume with Gil finding out about Oz’s incuse, a bunch of memories that are deeply troubling Gil, Alice with questions of her own about how the illegal contract is progressing, and, of course, Oz still trying to figure out why his sin is his very being.

Each of the characters in this volume come a little closer to realizing who they are, but none more so than Oz. Due to all the things he’s learned from Barma and Break, he decides to go back to the beginning–and yes, I can’t help seeing Inigo Montoya telling off that member of the Brute Squad when I write that. But the beginning, he realizes, is before the point where he was thrown into the Abyss. Long before. The beginning of everything is in Sablier, the city that, due to Glen Baskerville’s massacre, dropped into the Abyss.

Well, naturally a lot of stuff happens on the way and all of it is very important, but a few key things happen. Or at least I think they’re key things.

First, Gil discovers his feelings toward Alice might not be as hateful as he thinks. But they have to be.

Second, Alice realizes Jack is hiding more pain than he’s told Oz.

Third, Oz meets Glen Baskerville’s memory in Sablier. And that event is what caused my first sentence in this review. Because that meeting opens a door into Oz that is absolutely stunning and gives a definite clue regarding why his sin is his very existence.


* The way Oz was finally able to get Gil to talk to him.

* The revelations about Eko-chan and another character that appeared earlier on. (And I will never forgive Vincent for how he treated Eko. Never.)

* Oz freaking out Reim so he can get the information he needs.

* Everything to do with the orphanage.

* Break, who always seems to be one step ahead of everyone. (Not as many good pics of him in here, but every time he shows up is awesome.)

* The ending of this volume. Oh, my gosh. This ending is absolutely the best cliffhanger and the best plot twist so far.

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