scaling back my online involvement

I know it means I’m probably going to lose a bunch of people, but I have to scale back my social media efforts for several reasons.

  • The edit for my novel, Shining Armor, is indeed more than I expected.  This is a good thing because it (hopefully) means I won’t be putting out sub-par work.  However, the problems in it are going to take time to fix.
  • The sequel to Shining Armor has to be written and I can’t take time from my edit to work on it.  The time has to come from somewhere.
  • I still have a few promised reviews to write.
  • My “must read” list has grown and I’m definitely behind.
  • I have to focus on the house and family during all this.  I can’t fall behind there.

The only place where I can get some extra time is the time I spend social networking.  So, it has to be trimmed back severely for at least the next month.

What does this mean in actual posts?  I’ll keep the manga/book reviews going just because I really enjoy it and it keeps me focused on the fun.  I will post once a week, on Mondays.  That’s all.

As for Twitter, I’ll still tweet once or twice a day, but that’s it.  I may even have to switch to one tweet every other day.  We’ll see.

Goodreads will also be trimmed back to keeping in touch with friends and keeping track of my reading progress.  Hopefully, this schedule will allow me enough wiggle room to focus on the point of my online presence:  writing.

See you on Monday!



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