Trial of the Ornic

Volume One: The Baker’s Wife

The Baker's Wife Cover

Krysilla, a baker’s wife, is exhausted. Hating the spells she must cast to survive, she longs for spells she has never learned. But in this world, where magic is restricted by trade, to speak of such things could mean death. When she takes in the feverish, handsome minstrel collapsed by the side of the road, she thinks it’s a small kindness, one that transcends the rules that bind her life. But that one act alters that same life in ways that tear apart all she thought she knew about her husband, her rulers, and herself.


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Note: If you’d prefer to buy one part at a time of The Baker’s Wife, I originally published it in parts. Descriptions and links are below.

Please be aware that I will be unpublishing these separate parts in the near future. If you want them, get them while you can!

The Baker's Wife (part one) v2 with tag
(part one) A discontented baker’s wife longs for a cynical minstrel who uses her to discover the truth behind an awful secret, locked behind a magical door. All of part one is currently available in its entirety on Wattpad.

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The Baker's Wife (part two) v2 with tag
(part two) In a world where self-control is everything, a baker’s wife, hoping to rebuild, is forced to spy on a subversive minstrel as part of a deadly political play.

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The Baker's Wife (part three) v2 with tag
(part three) When a driven minstrel wants to take the law into his own hands, a former baker’s wife must decide how far she will follow him while they hide from the noble who has sworn to kill them both. An excerpt is currently available on Wattpad.

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Volume Two: The Lord’s Tale

The Lord's Tale (part one) 3
(part one) A woman torn between the life she’s left and the one she’s chosen helps a minstrel get a book of spells that could mean freedom and salvation for her friends.

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The Lord's Tale (part two)

(part two) A group of magic users must protect the citizens of a port city using forbidden magic before their enemy arrives to destroy them and the town that harbors them.

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Please Note:

Part Three of The Lord’s Tale is being written on my blog. It will not be published as a separate part on any other channel, though I may add it to my store at Gumroad. Maybe. If you wish to read the rough draft for free, please visit my blog. I usually update every Friday.



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