To Be Prepared For Chocolate

Just beyond the ogres, in a shining golden chalice that glittered with gems of all colors, casting rainbow dots on the cave walls, lay the thing that had once sat in my enchanted refrigerator, the one fun thing I could have that didn’t make me feel I was betraying my new lifestyle change: dark chocolate almond milk, only ninety calories and full of flavonoids.

And the ogres weren’t giving it back without a fight.

I raised my hand, reaching out toward it with my magic. Fast as a wounded pigeon, it sailed toward me. The ogres let loose a volley of spears and I had to divert the magic from my best-loved reward for a hard day of spellcasting to protect myself from the onslaught.
Casting a shield, I looked beyond it to see one of the ogres grab the container from the ground and take off with a shout to the others. No longer under attack, I gathered the magic from my shield into my hand and threw it at the group. Barely able to think as I watched that delicious liquid chocolate in the hands of my enemy, I tried to stay calm and began the chant that would not only stun the others, but keep them from following my trail after I retrieved my beloved beverage.

And then, the one holding it turned and looked at me. Knowing what I was about to do (I’m certain she knew it), she unscrewed the cap and began to chug.

I gave a feral scream, one loud enough to reverberate through the small cavern. Charging forward, magic filled my hands, ready to tear the ogres apart.

And then, the ogre stopped chugging and frowned. Holding it toward me, he said, “Are you sure this is only ninety calories?”

“Yes! That’s why I want it! And it has flavonoids!”

“What are those?”

“I don’t know!” We both stared at each other, then at the dark chocolate almond milk we had both been willing to die for. So now the ogres and I are looking for something a little less hazardous to our health.

Copyright © 2015 Amy Keeley


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