13 essential traits of the hero

Punctuality – Make sure you’re at the right place at the right time.
Financially solvent – Debt creates slaves, not heroes.
No illusions – Heroes only deal in the truth, no matter how painful.
Faith – Even when it appears no one is standing beside you, you are never alone.
Humility – Keep practicing. There will always be someone stronger than you.
Determination – The sweetest feeling that exists is the sacrifice of a want for a need.
Loyalty – Do not ever lose the souls who truly love you.
Moral Right – Make sure, before you even step onto the battlefield, that your cause is just.
Purity – Do not let greed, envy or other base emotions guide your weapon.
Awareness – Sleeping on the battlefield is a dangerous pastime.
Adaptability – Make one plan before you enter the battle, and another on the spot.
Charity – Use your weapon to defend the weak and uphold the righteous.



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