Update and Storytime Blog Hop

I didn’t make nearly as much progress this week as I’d hoped. I’m almost at the halfway point in this re-read of the last part of the sequel to The Baker’s Wife (geez that’s a mouthful).

I’ll see what I can do over the weekend. My current goal is to be finished with the re-read before February. I may have to adjust that.

On a different note, the Storytime Blog Hop for January is up. The blog hop is a collection of stories written by various authors and posted on various blogs.

This time around has a dragon who can’t figure out how to breathe fire, a guy who swears he saw a mermaid and is dead set on proving it, a Reaper with a soul-collecting assignment that goes pear-shaped, and more.

It’s a good collection. Here’s the link to the first story if you want to take a look.

Fishing Expedition by Laurie Hicks

Back to reading/writing. Talk to you soon.



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