Quick Update 1/7/23

Finished re-reading The first and second parts of the sequel to The Baker’s Wife. Not many notes needed for part one but part two is going to have a couple of major changes.

Began part three’s re-read yesterday. Bracing myself for an avalanche of notes as I read, but I’m thrilled at how close I am to publishing this sequel.

Once I’ve finished part three, the copyedit begins, and I start work on the first part of Trial of the Ornic #3!

(For those who are wondering why the sudden focus on a series I’d put on hiatus years ago, there are three main reasons.

First, I’ve been learning just how frustrating it is for a reader to start a series that doesn’t look like it will ever end. I began this series back in 2013. It’d be nice to give those fans, however many there are, some closure.

Second, I’ve never finished a series before. I’d like to see if it’s possible and my favorite characters right now are in Trial of the Ornic.

Finally, in the time since I first started this series until now, I’ve become very aware of just how short life is. I know I should be writing to market, treating this like a business, and so on, but, given life, who knows when any of us are going to move on, you know?

I’d rather write the things I love and market them as best I can. So yeah. I’m back to this series. I’m going to finish this series, and then I’m going to see what project I want to do next.)

See you next week!



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