Quick Update; Dealing With Fear When Trying Something New in Writing

And I’m back.

I’ve made zero progress on the copyedit of the sequel to The Baker’s Wife, but I do have the files set up.

I have the outline for the rewrite of Puck’s Call laid out and ready, but I’ve been hesitating because it’s definitely urban fantasy now, and that means it fits best if I use first person for the POV.

I haven’t written in first person in about twenty years. I’m scared.

Which is silly because it’s just a story, right? Not a big deal if I screw it up. I can always rewrite it, change it, alter it.

But that feeling is there and I have to accept it, then do the work anyway. And every time it tries to whisper in my ear that I’m screwing things up, I have to tell it thank you for keeping me safe but it’s time to go. I’m busy writing.

So, today I start on that, and the edit. Wish me luck!



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