Progress on Revision 8/26/22

I’m almost halfway through the revision type-in and I’m pleased with how things are flowing. Because I’m moving quickly this time, all the little continuity errors are smoothing out, and the new scenes I had to write are getting the little tweaks they need to all become one cohesive whole.

In other words, it’s becoming a real story.

It’s all very encouraging. However, my experience with this is making me wonder if it might not be better to do a complete rewrite of Puck’s Call, a story that was originally going to be paranormal romance, but that turned out to be more urban fantasy.

On the one hand, it’ll take more time, but on the other, I’ll be able to rework the story from the ground up in the genre in which it belongs. And with a much more organic feel, if my experiences with “writing into the dark” and cycling as I write are any indication.

We’ll see how I feel once this is done.

Thank you for reading. See you next week!



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