Revision Progress 7-30-22

I’ve been kind of wondering when the scenes I’m currently writing are going to connect to the previous scenes I’ve written. I’m not too concerned, though. I’ve been enjoying writing new scenes that fit the story better than the previous, more mapped out ones. I’m hitting all the plot points I hoped to hit, all the threads are coming together, and I’ve finally gotten my two main characters exactly where I hoped they would be.

And with more panache than what I’d written before.

Not taking credit for it, btw. Zhiv is a natural performer. All I had to do was remember that and he started driving the scene right where it needed to go.

Took a bit to get there, though. Had to rip out words for the same scene three times before I got to anything close to right. My left-side brain kept getting in the way, keeping me from really getting into the perspective of the characters.

Once I fully put myself in their perspective? The scene flowed like water. And with a twist that’s totally Zhiv but completely unexpected to me.

I love writing into the dark!



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