Revision Progress; Subbing Stories Again

Revision Progress

Tired tonight, so I’ll be brief. Progress was good this week. More new scenes and more scenes deleted. Should be getting to the end of that soon, though. Most of the plot points I changed in the beginning have been covered. Just a few left, and then we’re into the last bits, which, as of right now, look like they’ll stay as they are.

Which is good. I really love those scenes. They were my favorite to write in the whole dadgum book. 🙂

Subbing Stories

This past week or so, I started sending out short stories and flash fiction again. I’m absolutely fascinated by the changes that have taken place out there, as well as what’s stayed the same.

But that’s another blog post for another time. Just wanted to mention that I’ve started that process again. Hopefully, I’ll have some successes I can announce in the near future.


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