Progress on Trial of the Ornic #2

The revision is going really well right now. I mean, really well. I’ve cut out so many old scenes and written so many new ones, and it’s finally matching up to the vision in my head but somehow everything got better.

I have completely fallen in love with this story again.

And I swear, I will do my absolute best to avoid ever writing according to a series of beats again. If it means the writing sucks, then the writing sucks.

I’m also having doubts about something I wrote a while back about writing to market. It sounds like a great idea on paper. Maybe it works well for others. But the reality just doesn’t work for me. The books I’ve tried to write to market, even if it’s a genre I love, end up feeling like little marionettes rather than living, breathing Stories.

And when I read them over as prep for revision, I can barely stand it. That’s why none of them have been published yet.

The stories I didn’t try writing to market? Even the worst among them (which was pretty bad) was more enjoyable to read than what I’ve made lately.

So, I think I’m setting that aside, too. For now.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m still going to look for whatever genre fits best with the story, but that will come after the book is written.

Will I make any money with this approach? Maybe. Maybe not. But I think I’ll feel better about any money I do make.

Anyway, the write-in part of the revision is almost at the three-quarter mark. And I think it’s good. Looking forward to sharing it with all of you soon.


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