May Faeries

Photo by Josh Porterfield on Unsplash

Outside my window right now, it’s easy to believe fairies live among the flowers. By our porch, deep purple irises bloom in a forest of green blades. Beyond our porch, wildflowers in delicate pinks and yellows sway in the breeze.

It’s easy to believe in magic with this much beauty around me. The trees have a new set of bright green leaves that somehow manage to survive the Texas storms that come through with occasional severity.

Summer’s heat is beginning to make itself known. Here and there. Bits and pieces.

But in the morning, it’s cool, and I can easily see fairies hiding among the green blades, the pink wildflowers, and among the trees, whipped by the wind or not.

I’m reminded once again of how magical this time of year is, and how important it is to remember that magic exists. Always.

Your turn. What is spring like where you are? And what do you love best about it?



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