Current Progress/General Update 04-08-2022

So, the past few months have been full of changes. Lots of things that I took for granted have been left behind. And I’m back to writing again.


Currently, I’m working on the revision for the last part of what I originally called The Lord’s Tale. All other projects are set aside until that’s done, mostly because the amount of work needed to fix it is huge.

For those who don’t know, I started that series with the intent of writing it with a loose outline (at best). This last part, I broke from that to write to a formula. And ended up breaking the story.

Thankfully, after looking it over, I realized the opening only needed a moderate amount of work, and the ending is exactly what I wanted. From the midpoint to the ending is pretty good, as is, and only needs a little tweaking to tie it into what comes before. It’s the build-up to the midpoint that needs major revisions, and I’m torn between frustration and elation. Frustration, because I feel like I should have already gotten this down correctly the first time; elation, because I’m not revising, I’m redrafting, which is the next best thing to writing the story from scratch and I love writing a story draft. All sorts of surprises come out in the process, and I’m finding the same thing happening here. Questions I didn’t cover in the initial draft are being covered and in ways I didn’t expect, characters I couldn’t seem to fit in are finding their place and telling their stories in an organic way that makes me glad I’m taking the time to do this.

So, yeah, the process is going to take a while, but I think fans of the series will be pleased with the results.

After that, I’m not sure which project I’m going to do next. We’ll see.


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