Taming Demons for Beginners (The Guild Codex: Demonized #1) by Annette Marie


Robin doesn’t want to live with her unfriendly uncle and his even more unfriendly family. But after her parents’ death, she wants just one thing: her mother’s grimoire. And she’s sure her uncle is hiding it from her. So, she goes looking.

And finds a demon. A demon trapped by her uncle.

She’s not supposed to talk to it. But she does. She’s not supposed to help it. But she does. And when her uncle’s client comes for his demon, that’s when the real danger begins.                                                                     


Marvelous fun and full of action, Robin and the demon, Zylas, are opposites who manage to fit perfectly together. Robin, a shy, passive, bookworm, is incredibly sweet as she tries to find a way to navigate conflict with her uncle in peaceful, assertive ways…and fails. But she keeps trying to improve, and between that and her determination to get what her mother intended her to have, Robin is a fantastic heroine.

Zylas is the exact opposite. Fiercely intelligent, willing to do anything to survive, and more than willing to fight to the death if necessary, Zylas is also wonderfully protective of Robin with a unique, consistently logical, worldview. The two of them make for a great couple, with each learning, not only about the other’s world, but also how to navigate different relationships while still staying themselves. Lots of action while they do it, too, because it turns out Robin isn’t the only one looking for her mother’s grimoire. A great read!



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