Heir to the Shadows (The Black Jewels #2) by Anne Bishop


Jaenelle, still healing from her devastating experience, must learn how to form a court she’s doesn’t even want. Backed by Saetan, who treats her as his own daughter, and her new servant/friend, Lucivar, she faces down evil Queens, corrupt courts, and herself. All while waiting for her consort Daemon, who, unbeknownst to her, is healing from his own awful wounds.


Heir to the Shadows, though less about the romance than the first book, is a wonderful exploration of magic and power in a corrupt world needing redemption. Daemon is temporarily moved out of the plot early on, and in a way that should cause some wonderful conflict later. In his place, Jaenelle becomes friends with Lucivar who pledges himself to her as her servant. He’s absolutely wonderful in his devotion and is able to help Jaenelle navigate the threats around her better than anyone else currently near her. Fantastic.

Those who are looking for a continuation of the romance between Daemon and Jaenelle won’t find it here. They’re both very much in need of growth and healing. Not to mention, their separation allows Jaenelle to come into her own, both as queen and an adult.

This is a wonderful look at a powerful woman who has to figure out how to get others to accept that power while forming alliances that make sense and are for the good of all without abusing the power she was given.

That, plus an astounding plot twist, make for a very satisfying book. Though it’s still very dark, I highly recommend it.

Have you read this book, or just think it sounds interesting? Let me know in the comments!



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