Sweep in Peace by Ilona Andrews


Dina Demille agrees to host a peace conference between three warring factions, hoping it will help her find her parents. It isn’t long before she realizes she’s in way over her head. From trying to create rooms that make sure none of the guests murder each other to finding a highly-skilled chef who’s willing to cook fine cuisine with next to no money, she’s exhausted and the peace talks haven’t even started yet!

As the effects of the war that’s brought these factions here become clear, her reasons for helping turn from professional to personal. But is peace even possible after so much pain? And what is she willing to do to ensure it?


I love Dina’s focus. Her determination in this sequel is wonderful to see. Not only does she do everything she knows to keep her guests happy and relaxed, her creativity in solving the more mindane details inspired me. And when she finds peace must jappen, we get to see a side of being an innkeeper that I had no idea existed.

Caldenia returns, and ups her game (didn’t think that was possible). Beast has less chance to shine but is still Dina’s faithful, adorable companion. The melodramatic chef Dina hires for the conference made me smile each time he showed up. I loved just about every line he uttered. And I loved how he was just as dedicated to his craft as Dina is to her guests.

Arland makes another appearance, as does a minor character from the previous book, Nuan Cee.

Arland shows more depth in this book, having spent time in the war that’s brought everyone here. And he has some great moments in this. The scene where he gives another vampire coffee was just great. And his explanation of why this particular war is hell moved me.

Nuan Cee was both adorable and ruthless. And the reason he had, both to fight and to look for peace, broke my heart. I love his family now and look forward to seeing them more in future books.

The otrokars were a surprise, in many ways. I cried. I can’t say much more than that.

I loved every twist and turn in this twisty plot. But if I say mich more, I’m going to write spoilers, so I’ll just say that if you liked Clean Sweep, Sweep in Peace is not only worth your time but a must-read! Highly recommended! Gah!



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