A Smuggler’s Path by I.L. Cruz

A Smuggler's PathA Smuggler’s Path by I.L. Cruz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

(Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book from the publicist of the author because I’m participating in I.L. Cruz’s blog tour this week for the second book in this series, and I don’t like reading book 2 before book 1. So, I asked, and was very graciously given this free copy. No review was required, and the thoughts that follow are my honest opinions.)

Summary: Inez Garza, daughter of the prominent Garza family, smuggles magic in a kingdom where, long ago, everyone’s magic was taken from them. Part of the joy of being on the losing side. But while out gathering magic one day, she sees the body of a man who was clearly killed by magic. Powerful magic. And because magic was taken from this kingdom, meaning no one should be able to cast at that level, it raises a number of questions. Questions that put Inez on a path that will either lead her to glory (and her people to themselves) or madness.

This book starts out slow and can be very confusing at times to follow, with one particular plot point becoming more difficult to believe as the story goes on. However, the descriptions are lovely and the pacing is good. Inez is always doing something, and she’s very determined to help not only discover who killed her mother’s former fiance but all those who need her help…when she can give it. Zavier seems like a good guy and I’m curious to see how things work out with the two of them. Jacques was a lot of fun. Always loved seeing him. And Meiri and Toman added some nice grounding to the story.

Inez’s mother was absolutely frustrating with her lack of communication, but her actions made sense in context.

About midway through, the story picks up speed and the climatic moment is well worth the time spent getting there.

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