The Lord’s Tale, part three, 10/19 update

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Series: Trial of the Ornic

Book Description: Within the besieged city of Openwater, Krysilla Jyomsa, now employed by her former husband, Lejer, swears to continue to believe in the oath she made with Zhiv and Daegan to learn magic that will help people, even if it means learning spells outside her trade. When Lady Lia Marilisin, current ruler of the city, asks her to open an enormous portal beneath the noble’s manor, she agrees, swearing that this time she is stronger, the proof of it currently protecting the city. But the magic that waits for her below has secrets they cannot yet imagine. And Lia’s manipulations threaten the lives of everyone Krysilla cares about, from the youngest of them, Tira, to the one Lia wants to make her own, Zhiv Mikailsin, the minstrel who started it all. It doesn’t help that Krysilla feels as if something very important, something she can’t yet see, has begun to go wrong. And that feeling keeps growing the longer she’s away from Zhiv…

If you’d like a more complete recap of the series, please visit the recap page.

Update: Zhiv thinks he may have found an alternative to Lia’s plan and finds a surprise in the process.

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The Lord’s Tale, part three, October 19, 2019 update





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