The Lord’s Tale: Part Three, Coming to This Blog, This Friday

I’ve been reading a lot about publishing this year. A lot. And it’s inspired me to try something a little different with the Trial of the Ornic series. I mean, this series is good, but it’s epic fantasy and takes for-friggin’-ever to write and publish. Plus, with the changes that have been made over the years at various retailers, I’m going to be changing up the way I approach this series anyway.

Plus, there are fans out there who adore this series, and the thought of making them wait any longer when the last book (which ended on a cliffhanger) was published, oh gosh. Five years ago?

Yup. 2014. Five years ago.

Time flies when you’re in crisis mode. Still, that was not nice, at all. So, in honor of those fans who, I hope, are still interested in this series, and in honor of my changing business model, I’m going to be posting the rough draft of this book on this blog, in PDF form, a few scenes at a time, every Friday.

This book is truly raw draft. I haven’t run it through my usual revision process, though I will be revising as I go. There will be typos and issues and all sorts of things as you read. Just so you have fair warning.

Scenes will change in this book, from this version to the final one. I doubt the changes will be dramatic, but you never know, so I’m warning all readers now. Things will change from version to version.

Also, for those who want to read along but don’t want to jump into the middle of the story, I’m doing two things.

First, there’s a recap page where the main points of the story, up to the beginning of The Lord’s Tale: Part Three, are summed up. Second, if you’d rather read the actual books, they are currently for free on Smashwords if you use this coupon:


Here are the links to the books at Smashwords:

The Baker’s Wife

The Lord’s Tale: Part One

The Lord’s Tale: Part Two

I may keep up my regular attempt to post ordinary posts on Monday. Not sure. We’ll see how that goes.

Also, regarding my mailing list, I’ve decided to keep it. However, I will be making changes to that as well, mostly in terms of focus.

Thank you, all of you, for keeping up with me and putting up with me. I really appreciate every one of you, and I hope this upcoming installment of The Lord’s Tale, as well as the changes I’m making, enhance the time you choose to spend reading my stories.

Thank you. At the very least, I’ll see you this Friday.



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