Free copy of The Baker’s Wife in exchange for review

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Do you want a free book? Do you like romantic fantasy? Do you think you’d like this?

Krysilla, a baker’s wife, is exhausted. Hating the spells she must cast to survive, she longs for spells she has never learned. But in this world, where magic is restricted by trade, to speak of such things could mean death. When she takes in the feverish, handsome minstrel collapsed by the side of the road, she thinks it’s a small kindness, one that transcends the rules that bind her life. But that one act alters that same life in ways that tear apart all she thought she knew about her husband, her rulers, and herself.

I’m offering a free copy of The Baker’s Wife to anyone willing to read it and give an honest review of it on Amazon and/or Goodreads. You can contact me through the following ways:
* The Contact Me page of my website.
* A tweet to @keeleyamy on Twitter (or DM me).
When you contact me, please include your email address and the format you would prefer (mobi, epub, or pdf).
I’ll be offering free copies until September 9th.
Whether or not you choose to join in, thank you for reading! It’s because of you that stories exist in the first place.


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