Bullet Journals and Writing

I have used all sorts of things to organize my writing. I have used word count spreadsheets, FRED folders, a simple paper calendar, calendar apps…you get the idea.

I also tend to love To Do lists. But although I use a separate notebook for them, they feel like clutter. They lie around the house with no real purpose once the day is done.

I had heard about bullet journals but this post on Jami Gold’s site made me decide to at least keep one as a part of my general home management system and, maybe later, my writing.

And you know what? Both my home and my writing are becoming more productive.

If you don’t know what bullet journaling is, please read the links. I’ve tried to find ones that are clear and inspiring without being overwhelming.

Bullet Journal’s official website: overview of the system

WTF Is a Bullet Journal and Why Should You Start One. An Explainer. (More profanity than I like, but her explanation is the best I’ve seen)

The Ultimate Bullet Journal Guide for Beginners and Beyond (This post shows just how flexible and comprehensive a bullet journal can be)

Bullet Journaling as a Fantasy Writer (Absolutely gorgeous pages and it shows a number of things writers tend to want to track)

How I Used Bullet Journaling to Double My Productivity As a Writer (Some great ideas specifically for writers)

As you can see, this is a very flexible system. It’s enabled me to keep my schedules, lists, charts, and so on, all in one little book. It’s not expensive to start. I use a regular composition book and a cheap pen. It’s very simple and straightforward. The rapid logging is fantastic and, between that and the index, simplifies finding what I want when I go back.

In the process, I’ve already begun to see how often I make writing goals I don’t keep. Given what keeps bumping it, I think I need to accept that my time is more limited than I thought. Which is nice because it’s better to have a realistic idea of my time than beat myself up because I think I can do more than I actually can.

What about you? What’s your favorite system for keeping track of your writing?


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