IWSG: Five Objects

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(Sorry this post is a day late. Tried using the mobile app and it didn’t upload. But it’s here now! Yay!)

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This is going to have to be a short post. Sorry. Lots going on. Hoping next month will be better.

This month’s optional question, paraphrased: what are five items a person might see in my writing space?

These days I don’t really have a writing space. I have no dedicated room and write wherever I can. So, when I do find time I have my laptop and my phone, so those count. I sometimes have a pen stuck in my ponytail (item #3?). I tend to have the house phone near, in case anyone needs to contact me.

What else…hmmm. I’m sorry. I can’t think of anything else that I consistently have around me when I write. Sometimes it’s a copy of one of my books so that I keep things straight in a series. Sometimes it’s dishes or a snack or a glass of water. Sometimes people are in my Writing Space and sometimes I’m surrounded by whatever was left in the car.

Nothing is static and I doubt it will ever become so. But I have a tendency to speak too soon. Maybe that’ll be the case here and next time I’ll actually have more to report.

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope all of you have a great Season!


2 thoughts on “IWSG: Five Objects

  1. Suzanne Furness

    I think the beauty of laptops and other mobile devices is that you can set up and write anywhere. I love the pen in your ponytail! Hope you have a happy holiday season.

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