Realizations; Brief Hiatus

Two things. First, I’ve realized some very important things about my writing. Mostly, I like romance, and I want it in my stories, but I tend not to write stories with romance as the main focus.

How does this affect you, my reader? If you were expecting sweet, fluffy romance from me (I know I was), I’m afraid I will not be able to deliver.

It’s not the genre itself. I’ve enjoyed reading some very good romances over the years. Plus, I was highly impressed by the data RWA has gathered on tropes, readers, and other crucial data. They treat writing as a business, and I have enormous respect for them. I was looking forward to joining them.

But I’ve realized that’s not where my writing is going. It’s not where it’s ever really been. (For example, the ending to Master of Roads depends on your definition of “happy.”) So, I’ve changed the tagline accordingly, based on what I’ve already written and the direction I’m hoping to go.

In line with this, I’m going to finish Trial of the Ornic as soon as I can without destroying the story. It’s bad enough I left part two of The Lord’s Tale on a cliffhanger. (I swear, I didn’t think I’d be gone away from it this long.)

The Curator’s Song (the second book in The Corellion Legacy) will be published next year. I like that world and will keep publishing in it now and then, as I have time, until I feel the story has finished.

Both series will have relatively happy endings. I can promise that much.

As for blogging, this blog will be on a temporary hiatus (with the single exception of my IWSG post for October) until after I finish an unrelated project that has to be finished before I can go back to Trial of the Ornic.



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