Back on Smashwords (kind of); Summer/Winter Promotion; Diving Deep Into Writing

This is a very, very brief note to say a handful of things.

  1. I am (for now) back on Smashwords. Kind of. They’ve made a number of changes to their site, including regarding how they approach content, and so I’m making a few of my titles available again.
  2. I’m participating in their Summer/Winter promotion. The Baker’s Wife; Shining Armor; and Loki, Son of Laufey are all FREE from July 1-July 31. Lady Fair and The Lord’s Tale (part one) are 50% off. So, if you haven’t gotten one of those books yet, visit in July and see what strikes your fancy.
  3. There will be no further posts (far as I can see) in July. I will be devoting all the time I can spare to writing and editing for the next few months.

Have a great summer everyone!



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