The Weak Become Strong: A Fantasy Collection, On Sale for $0.99 USD

I’ve combined The Baker’s Wife, Shining Armor, Loki, Son of Laufey, and the short story, “Master of Roads” into a box set, which should now be available at all major ebook retailers.

Also, I’m putting it out there at the introductory price of $0.99 as a way of celebrating the start of summer.

So, if you like fantasy with tricksters, with women who aren’t sure of themselves but grow stronger and more confident over time, if you like fantasy with a pretty strong romance within it, I think you may like the collection I’m offering.

Just so you know, the introductory price will go up to the regular price of $2.99 by noon (CT) on Friday, June 2, 2018.

Here’s a couple of links you might find handy if you want to buy it.


Universal Book Link:



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