In which I make an herbal vinegar

I’ve been interested in herbal medicines for some time now, especially when it comes to medicine as it was given historically. One of those ways was herbal vinegars, which could be used for both medicine and flavoring food.

So, in the interest of spreading the knowledge, I’m sharing this link to Mountain Rose Herb’s instructions on how to make an herbal vinegar and also sharing, very briefly, my own experience in starting my own herbal vinegar.

I tried this because I had success recently with making my own infused oil using olive oil and some Complete Tissue and Bone (Dr. Christopher’s) herbal mix we had left from a few years ago. It made a small amount but was totally worth it.

So, I tried making an herbal vinegar using the instructions linked above and some herbs we bought around the same time as the Complete Tissue mix. Now, I’m only a few days in, so I can’t post pictures of the finished project yet, but here’s an image of the jar after adding the vinegar and screwing on the lid.

Points Pertaining to My Individual Creation:

  • I used a cleaned out and sterilized peanut butter jar with plastic wrap between the lid and the jar itself. Metal lids have a tendency to rust when it comes to vinegar, and this is the solution I chose to fix that problem. I store it in a paper bag on a shelf that isn’t anywhere near sunlight.
  • I had cut herbs and no coffee grinder so I used the blender to grind the herbs down. It took a couple of minutes and didn’t ever get to a truly fine texture, but it came very close. Close enough to use, in my opinion.
  • I did make one actual change to the recipe: I filled the jar two-fifths of the way with herbs instead of just one-fifth. There was no reason beyond preference for this change, and the fact that the herbs, though still good, are older than I would like. I can always dilute it, if need be.

So there you have it. Sound interesting? Anyone else out there try something like this? Feel free to share in the comments below!



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