The best way to get my books before anyone else

If you’ve been reading one of my series and not only want updates but a chance to get an early copy (an eARC) in exchange for a review, I now have a mailing list that will deliver all this directly to your inbox. No need to follow my blog or make a point of visiting here. Nope. Just click the link below and sign up. I promise never to share your email with anyone and also to only email you when I think I have something related to my writing that might be worth your time.

Amy Keeley’s Email List

Another perk is that this list is where I’m going to ask for feedback and give out news before I post it here on the blog. This includes any discounts, freebies, or sales that I’m aware of. You’ll be sent a somewhat more detailed list of what to expect after you sign up.

Even if you don’t decide to sign up, thank you for reading! It’s because of your support that I’m able to keep publishing these stories.

Happy Holidays, everyone!



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