Title Change; The Lost Princess now available!

Cover 7242017First, after much consideration, I decided to change the title of The Castle in the Story to The Lost Princess. So much had changed, I felt the title of the original didn’t really capture what the story had become.

Second, this story is now available at Amazon, Kobo, and my store at Gumroad. It should be available at most other retailers by the end of the week.

Third, it’s currently priced at $2.99. This is an introductory price. The price will go up in the next couple of weeks, so if you want a copy at this low price, might be good to get it now. (And if you get it from Gumroad, you get more than one format!)

Here’s the description:

In a land once ruled by powerful families, Maple, a thief, wants nothing more than to escape the thieves’ guild that holds her captive. When she picks the wrong pocket and ends up with a blade to her throat, freedom appears in the form of Doriel, a mysterious elf who claims to have sworn an oath to serve the family she came from, a family with a terrible, evil legacy. Will she have the strength, determination, and faith to overcome it? Or will the darkness eventually claim her as well?

I am so thrilled to finally be able to publish this alongside all my other stories. It’s been a long time coming, it pushed a lot of other projects to the side, but what I gained has been more than worth it, even though it took what? Two years? Thank you so much for being patient, especially if you’re a reader of my other series. I really appreciate it. And to show my appreciation, I’ll get back to work!



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