Why I Deleted Loki, Son of Laufey From FictionPress

Recently, I released Loki, Son of Laufey as an e-book. Even more recently, I read this post on the SFFWorld forums regarding FictionPress (as a preliminary to possibly putting Trial of the Ornic and another book in a more serial format online) and found out some things that made me revisit the TOS of the site.

And found that I can’t distribute my stories anywhere else as long as they’re on that website. There are other issues, but that’s the big one for me.

So, I would like to extend an enormous apology to those who went to FictionPress to read Loki, Son of Laufey in its original form. The reviews I got through that site helped me through some very rough patches when I wasn’t sure if I should keep going with fiction. Thank you, all of you.

And again, I am sorry.

If you were in the middle of reading when I deleted the story, or you just want a free copy of the finished version of this story, go to the link below and use the code “loki” to get a 100% discount. I hope that helps, and I’m sorry this was kind of sprung on you.

Loki, Son of Laufey on Gumroad

(Updated to add that this is also why the FictionPress section under Stories on this site has been deleted.)





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