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Why Going Back to an Old Story Isn’t Always a Bad Thing

In the indie world, I’ve read enough articles about how a person should never look back, that it’s a waste of time, that it will slow down the path to success because the point is to write and write as fast as you can so you can keep up with Amazon’s algorithms, etc., etc., that it’s good to read an opposing view. Especially given what I’m working on tonight.

In other news, I found a gaping hole in my storytelling that has to be patched with a new scene. I’m actually pretty excited about it, because not only will it emphasize Maple’s growth (hopefully) but it will show a little more of Doriel and how Tanner and Hushweather work together with Doriel to execute a strategy. And it will explain a little more about Doriel’s past and how it relates (no matter how much he tries to ignore it) to his present.

Can’t wait until I’m done with the Write-in and get started on the Type-in!



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