Encouragement: You Will Fail

You will fail at many, many things in life. And there will be times when you wonder if you really should be “staying the course” or if you should “cut your losses.” But the only one who can decide that is you.

Just. You. Which is pretty frightening when you think about it. Because that means that if you fail, it’s entirely your fault.

Try anyway.

More to the point, follow that voice inside you that tells you to keep dreaming, to keep trying, to look at new things and think new thoughts and try new skills. Even if it means the path to your dream is not the one you thought you’d take. Because that’s how you learn. And that, I believe, is why we’re here. To learn.

And if you follow that voice, you’ll find you know more about people (especially those around you), that you gain powerful and important skills, and that you will, ultimately, be happier than if you follow the plans those around you have for you.

Dream. Plan. Act. Good luck.



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