Update: #CastleintheStory edit, Vampire’s Mad Scientist (an experiment)

Okay, so after slogging through the rewrite from hell, I think I’ve finally recovered enough to work on the edits for The Castle in the Story. This is the point where I would love to have some feedback and help with proofing, so if anyone wants to volunteer for Comma Duty*, I’d love to have you.

If I get volunteers, I’ll likely put it up as a Google Doc so that I can get all the comments consolidated.

Because I’ve been getting an uneasy feeling about putting the whole of the novel online, I’m stopping my free updates.

I don’t know why I feel uneasy, but I’ve learned not to ignore those feelings. I’m sorry if anyone here or on Wattpad is disappointed. I hope the finished novel makes up for that disappointment.

Anyway, so that’s that. Moving on.

I have an experiment I’m running. I have a subscription up on Gumroad for a new novel I’ve been working on here and there to keep myself from going too crazy. (Editing doesn’t count as writing and I’ve been doing far too much of that lately). It’s called The Vampire’s Mad Scientist and it’s a sweet paranormal romance. Or, at least, that’s what I’m aiming for. Here’s the cover and the description:


Leslie Summers, an ambitious biology student, wants nothing more than to find the cure for vampirism, a disease that has exploded in recent history for unknown reasons. But after her theory is rejected by the professor overseeing her education, she decides to take matters into her own hands, creating her own study, and putting her in terrible danger. When she’s saved by the handsome, and frighteningly wealthy, Falkner Dubrinsky she finds herself at odds with both humans and vampires alike, with secrets revealed that she wishes she never knew.

Worst of all, day by day, Falkner’s presence is reminding her of needs she’s tried to forget until she realizes she’s going to have to choose between the truth and the love she’s always dreamed of.

(Read now.)

The description, the updates, everything might change in the final version. But I wanted to try this for two reasons:

1.) I’ve never written a vampire novel before, let alone a romance, so I’m hoping this will teach me a number of things about this genre.

2.) I’ve never tried to raise money for a project before it was finished. But this one…I want to make sure there’s at least a small demand for a sweet paranormal with a vampire as the hero before I commit time and energy to it. So yeah, if no one signs up, I’m not going to do more than a few chapters in this. Much as I love the characters, I’ve got a number of other stories clamoring for more words as well. And I do have at least one promise to keep.

So, if you’d like to read it, it’s $1.75 each month for the next four months. Updates are weekly, and I should have the first chapter up tonight.

This is a beta novel. In other words, things may still change in the final version. On the plus side, subscribing means you get a free copy of the final version of The Vampire’s Mad Scientist. For those of you who want to examine the process of writing a novel, this should give you some golden material!

If you’d like to read The Vampire’s Mad Scientist, here’s the link:


Thank you for reading. I hope to have a free story for everyone the next time I post. In the meantime, take care and Happy Holidays!


*Comma Duty…meaning, alerting me to grammar mistakes, punctuation problems, lack of continuity, and essentially making sure I didn’t screw things up/that the novel is readable and logical in the way it presents things. No people walking through doors I forgot to open somehow, you know?



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