The Castle in the Story, new version starts this Friday; Decluttering

© Jason Smith | Dreamstime Stock Photos

It has been a very busy summer. Rewrites on The Castle in the Story are going well, well enough in fact that I will definitely be posting the first (unedited) few scenes on the blog this week with regular updates. My hope is that doing so will help me stay on track with the rewrites. Unlike the FictionPress version, the new improved version will be mostly taken down after publication, leaving only an undetermined excerpt here on the blog.

These sections will be fairly large, since I’m still planning on publishing this in September, and that doesn’t leave me much time for the editing that remains.

In fact, that’s a big reason why I’m posting this on my blog in the first place. I’m hoping that, if I post it here, I’ll stay on track better, kind of like when I’ve posted things on FictionPress.

Each section will be posted on Friday, give or take a day. 🙂

In other news, the only real break I’ve taken is to get some major decluttering done so I can think better and so my family will feel more comfortable in our home. Although I tend to like the Sidetracked Sisters and FlyLady, I’ve been using the method described in The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo (link goes to Amazon and yes, it’s an affiliate link…just so you know). Instead of moving room to room, she focuses on categories, which has worked out much better for our family. It’s also a surprisingly spiritual book, though from what seems to be a Shinto belief system, which might turn some off. But not me. In fact, the spiritual side of cleaning has always fascinated me. When everything is clean, it really does feel like the house has become a temple of sorts.

What about you? Do you think there’s a spiritual element to housecleaning?



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