Dash Away, All

This month most people take a bit of a vacation, but aside from plans for wassail on Christmas Eve, some decorating, and things my kids are involved in, I’m having a very quiet holiday season. Most of my time is spent having fun with my family and writing. Lots of writing. I have the third book in a series coming out under a different pen name, hopefully by February of next year but it might not be until March or April. And then next on the list is getting The Castle in the Story revised and out sometime in the middle of next year. *Snoopy dance*

In the meantime, I’ve published a collection of holiday-themed flash fiction called Dash Away, All after one of the stories in said collection. It’s available at all the major ebook retailers (links below).

I hope your Christmas this year is merry and that, no matter what holiday you celebrate, your celebrations will be full of peace and family and love.

Dash Away, All cover








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