Storytime Blog Hop next week; progress on Castle in the Story revision

Next week, this blog will be part of the Storytime Blog Hop, a fiction blog hop. This means I’ll post a short story (a flash fiction story to be exact) and link to other blogs that are doing the same. I hope you can join us next week on August 26th!

Second, a quick update on the revision of The Castle in the Story. A while back, I thought I’d found all the problems the story had and that there wasn’t much more to do than type. But this is a first novel and all that implies. Not only that, on this read-through I allowed myself to remember my state of mind when I wrote those scenes and found there were a number of things I put in that shouldn’t have been put in there, scenes I knew were wrong when I wrote them. That, combined with my own lack of skill at the time, makes for more work than I expected. However, I finished the first pass today and got a good overview of what needs to stay and what needs to go. Right now, it’s looking like I’ll have this published sometime in mid-2016. It sounds like a long way away, but the wait will be worth it. I’m already seeing a much better novel coming out of this process by the time I’m done.

And then I’ll get back to its sequel.



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