Wattpad Experiment with Castle; Last Chance on Baker’s Wife Low Price

Just a note to let you know that I’ve posted my rough-revision (which is subject to change) on Wattpad. If you decide to take a look, please forgive all typos and expect everything you read to change.

The Castle in the Story — Wattpad

I’m not sure how many chapters I’m going to put up. I may put up 20% of the book (it’s a HUGE book) or I may only put up three. That’ll be based on how quickly I can get the revision done and how much time I can take away from the sequel I’m writing for that space opera I’ve published under a pen name. And boy, I’m really excited about that sequel!

In other news, this may end up being the last day you’ll be able to get the e-book version of The Baker’s Wife: Complete for $4.99. After today, the price goes up to $12.99, though I may do it in increments. Not sure yet.

If you want to get it now, here are the links to the major retailers where you can purchase a copy.





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