Price of The Baker’s Wife: Complete will be going up

While I’m here adding a post for the Merry-Go-Roung Blog Tour, I thought it might be wise to announce two things.

First, I’ve created a print version of The Baker’s Wife: Complete. It’s now available on Amazon and soon you’ll be able to order it through your local bookstore.

Second, the price of the e-book version of The Baker’s Wife: Complete will be going up from $4.99 to $12.99. It’s a big enough jump, I thought I should send out a warning.

Why the jump? Because when I made the print version, I realized just how big that book is. It’s huge! $4.99 doesn’t really give a sense of how big the finished book is, so I decided a pricing change was in order.

The price will go up next weekend, on June 20th and will affect all sites where I have The Baker’s Wife: Complete for sale.

(Please note: even though the link above goes to Amazon, I did not use my affiliate link for it. I get nothing if you click it or buy through it.)



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