Current revision project blurb

I’ve begun possibly the biggest revision project I’ve ever started: the revision of The Castle in the Story.

It’s huge. One of those door-stopper fantasy novels that I love but have found myself moving away from. Mostly.

Anyway, here’s the temporary blurb for it. I’ll probably change it by the time I finish the revision, so please don’t expect this (either blurb or story) to stay the same as what you’re reading here. I just thought I’d let my readers know what I’m working on and why I’m taking a while answering my emails.


The world, the priests say, was built by the song of the gods, a song that anyone who wishes to do good may sing. But there are those who twist the music, creating noise instead of harmony, and those spells cause destruction to those who fall under them. Of them all, the greatest wielder of such evil was the house of Corellion, rulers in the Northlands, next to where the treacherous elves hide. But the Albraics, upholders of the True Song and the Corellions’ ancient enemy, destroyed both houses in a battle that the Northlands are only beginning to recover from.

Almost all. An unwilling heir has been found in the form of Maple, a thief wary of trusting anyone who promises anything resembling hope, though that’s the thing she longs for most. Now, she must face her past with the aid of Doriel, an elf who was bound by an oath to serve the Corellions as long as one lived, an elf who was supposed to protect her…and didn’t. Together, they must destroy the one trying to pull her back into the darkness before she loses herself entirely to the hopes of others.



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