Writing about writing, updates

Writers are often told to avoid writing about writing. Why? It’s boring for readers. It’s annoying. You can look like a total jerk/idiot/noob. Not to mention, every writer decides to blog about writing.

So, I’m just letting my readers know that I’m going to have a new blog series either this week or next (depending on how this week goes) that will be a series of reviews of free or low-cost resources for things like digital art, word processing, formatting, and anything else that I use (or have used) that strikes my fancy for those who want to reduce the cost of publishing themselves.

I was inspired by Holly Lisle’s course, Publishing While Broke (which costs $11 USD). In it, she mentioned a number of open source software programs and some low-cost services. When I realized I’d already used most of them, that’s when I decided it might be helpful to the indie publishing community (and whoever else uses similar tools) to talk about what I like and don’t like and why that is.

I’m thinking of making it part of #MondayBlogs. I’ll tweet about it if I decide to do that. (My Twitter handle is @keeleyamy, for those who want to follow me.)

Either way, stay tuned for more reviews.

As for updates on current projects, I’ve finished the revision of Echelon and sent it off to be looked over by helpful eyes that are not my own. I’ve got The Castle in the Story printed out and ready for revision. Its sequel, The Curator’s Song, is almost finished going through the pre-writing phase and will be outlined by the end of the week. After that, if life goes the way I hope it will, I’ll start on the rough draft, then try to finish the rough draft of part three of The Lord’s Tale, using what I’ve learned from Holly Lisle’s course about writing a series.

Also, you may have noticed that I’ve added a mailing list to the blog and site. It’s for those who want to avoid hearing me blather about anything that pops into my head, i.e. it’s for announcements and important news only.

So if you only want to know when the next book is coming out, or when I want an opinion on a cover or story, that’s the list you need to join. Just thought you should know.



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