Merry-Go-Round Blog Tour: Dream Writing Retreat

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I don’t usually think of a writing retreat. I know there are places where I can focus (like the library) and places where it’s just pleasant to sit (any room with a good view of plants), but I’ve never really thought about it in conjunction with my writing.

It might have something to do with having seven (now eight) kids. I’m used to writing in short bursts.

However, part of why I joined this blog tour is because the topics interested me, including this idea of a dream retreat.

Neil Gaiman’s used them. I know because he singles out Tori Amos, thanking her for providing it. And there are others, like Mark Twain, who wrote many of his novels in a little house on his sister-in-law’s property. (I also find it interesting that he did most of his writing when he went to visit family during the summer. I think that’s a genius excuse if a writer wants to get some alone time during a family vacation, lol.)

But as for me, as long as I’ve got a word processing app (or the equivalent) with me, I appear to be set. I think.

No, I take that back. I do have a dream retreat. If I close my eyes and think about it, I see mountains in the distance, and the house sits on one itself. It has a grand view of the land below and I can see a city that I can visit if I need paper and ink. The house itself is roomy, but not pretentious. It’s old, at least in style, with a circular staircase leading to the upper rooms. Hardwood floors and the occasional rug, with a large desk so that I can spread out my notes, and a bookshelf nearby that holds my reference manuals and “how-to” books.

And a door. There’s a door I can close whenever I need to focus. And quiet. Lots of quiet.

Now I feel lonely. Time to play with the kids and write if I can.

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