The Lord’s Tale (part two) is in editing; General update

Not much time, but I thought I’d give a quick update.

Yup, the next part of The Lord’s Tale is in the process of being edited. I’m really happy about this. It’s a very strange feeling, after it took so long to get the first part out, to start getting What Comes Next ready for publication. I’m really looking forward to starting the rough draft of part three, and it looks like (if my outline is to be believed) there might even be a part four. This book is turning out to be much larger than I expected. O_O

I thought I was at the end of my “space elves” story, but I haven’t really found an arc in what I’ve written. Not like the Trial of the Ornic series, anyway. More than likely, I’ll get to the end of this part of the story’s time period, then write the next so-called arc after I’ve finished LT#3’s rough draft. In other words, it won’t be serialized like Trial. It’ll probably be a stand-alone, given the way it’s currently going.

If I have time later in the month (and Internet access), I’ll see if I can post an excerpt from my “space elves” story on this blog. At the very least, I might post the first few scenes of LT#2 on Wattpad, as a way of taking off the edge of LT#1’s cliffhanger ending.

General update: Internet access is still spotty. We’re all healthy, though, and doing better than I expected. Hopefully, everything will settle soon and we’ll be able to get back to something of a routine. In the meantime, I write when I can. It helps keep me grounded.

More when I can. Thank you for reading.



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