Updated Cover and General Update

It’s been a very busy month or so. Lots of changes and my Internet access is practically nil. But it’s also been nice because my writing has become more focused. I mean, really, my leisure time nowadays is either reading or writing and that’s perfect given what I’m trying to accomplish. No Crunchyroll, no movies, no music, nothing else but the two activities I listed. It’s been strange and enlightening all at once.

So, for those writers out there who are struggling to fit in writing-time every day, I recommend cutting back severely on the Internet. Yes, you’ll be limiting your social media presence, but dang it, would readers rather read your tweets/posts or a new story? (And if the answer is “tweets” then maybe a change of focus should be considered.)

Anyway, with the brief time I have, I thought I would reveal the updated cover for part one of The Lord’s Tale, which will be out later this coming week. (Shooting for September 10th as a release date.) The changes I made are slight, but necessary.

Here it is:

The Lord's Tale (part one) 3I hope it looks pretty, and I hope that those of you out there who decide to read it enjoy it. I have no idea when I’ll be back online to respond to comments, or if it’ll be possible at all with our spotty access, so please keep that in mind if you decide to leave one.

I hope all of you have a wonderful beginning to the fall season and a fantastic end. Stay well.



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